Place Value Chart Definition | All About Indian & International System of Place Value Charts with Examples

In maths, Numbers are used for common tasks like counting, measurements, and comparisons. A Place Value is a basic mathematical concept, important for every arithmetic math operations. A place value can be represented for both whole numbers and decimals. A place value chart can assist students in identifying and comparing the position of the digits in the given numbers through millions.

The place value of a digit rise by ten times as we move left on the place value chart and drops by ten times as we move right. While representing the number in general form, the place of each digit will be expanded. Let’s understand What is Place Value Chart, what are the systems of place value charts, how to solve the place values explicitly from this article.

Place Value Chart

Place value charts in mathematics support students and even learners to ensure that the digits are in the correct places. To recognize the positional values of numbers correctly, writing the digits in the place value chart is the best way and then address the numbers in the general and the standard form.

Here, we have presented the Indian system place value chart & Internal system place value chart for reference. Go through these two charts and identify the place values of the given number.

Indian Place Value Chart System

It is a chart that represents the value of each digit in a number on the basis of its position. As you noticed in the below Indian place value chart, the nine places are grouped into four periods: Ones, Thousands, Lakhs, and Crores. When reading the number, all digits in the same period are read together as well as with the period name, exclude the one’s period.

Note: If a period contains zero, we do not name that period in the word form.

The Indian System of Place value chart is given below.

Place Value Chart For Indian System
Crores Lakhs Thousands Ones
Ten Crores (TC)


Crores (C) (1,00,00,000) Ten Lakhs (TL) (10,00,000) Lakhs (L) (1,00,000) Ten-Thousands (TTh) (10,000) Thousands (Th) (1000) Hundreds (H) (100) Tens (T) (10) Ones (O) (1)

Below is an example that shows the relationship between the place or position and the place value of the digits in the given number 13548.

In 13548, 1 is in ten thousand’s place and its place value is 10,000,
3 is in the thousands place and its place value is 3,000,
5 is in the hundreds place and its place value is 500,
4 is in the tens place and its place value is 40,
8 is in one place and its place value is 8.

example for indian place value chart of the given number

International Place Value Chart

In the international place value chart, the digits are classified into three periods in a big number. The number is read from left to right as billion, million, thousands, ones.

  • 100,000 = 100 thousand
  • 1,000,000 = 1 million
  • 10,000,000 = 10 millions
  • 100,000,000 = 100 millions

The place value chart of the International System is given below:

Place Value Chart For International System
Millions Thousands Ones
Hundred- Millions (HM)
Ten-Millions (TM)
Millions (M)
Hundred -Thousands (HTh)
Ten- Thousands (TTh)
Thousands (Th)
Hundreds (H)
Tens (T)
Ones (O) (1)

Comparison Between Indian and International System of Place Value

In this section, you will have a glance at the comparison between both the Indian and International place value system:

Indian Place Value Chart International Place Value Chart
Nine places are grouped into four periods: ones, thousands, lakhs, and crores. Nine places are grouped into three periods: ones, thousands, and millions.
Place Values: Ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousand, lakhs, ten lakhs, crores, and ten crores. Place Values: Ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousand, hundred thousand, millions, ten million, and hundred million
Lakhs and crores are Indians units in the Indian Place Value Chart. Millions and billions are international units in the International Place Value Chart.

Decimals Place Value

In decimals, place value represents the position of each digit after the decimal point and before the decimal point. A place-value chart tells you how many hundreds, tens, and ones to use. The place value of decimals is based on multiplying by 1/10.

Thousands Hundreds Tens Ones . Ones Tenths Hundredths

place value chart for decimals

Place Value Table

Number Place Value Value of digit
67,891,234 Units / Ones 4
67,891,234 Tens 30
67,891,234 Hundreds 200
67,891,234 Thousands 1,000
67,891,234 Ten thousand 90,000
67,891,234 Hundred thousand 800,000
67,891,234 Millions 7,000,000
67,891,234 Ten million 60,000,000

Solved Examples:

Example 1: Find the place value for the number 27349811 in the International place value system & address it with commas and in words.


T.M M H.Th T.Th Th H T O
2 7 3 4 9 8 1 1

The given number place values representation with commas is 27,349,811 and in words is Twenty-seven million three hundred forty-nine thousand eight hundred eleven.

Example 2: Identify the place value of digits for the given number 13548 using base-ten blocks?

Also, The place value of digits of the number can be positioned using base-ten blocks and aid learners write numbers in their expanded form. The below image has a solution for place value of digits for the given number 13548 using base-ten blocks:

example of place value chart using base-ten blocks

FAQs on Place Value Chart

1. What is Place Value with Example?

The position of each digit in a number is known as a place value. The place value of digits is determined as ones, tens, hundreds, thousands,ten-thousands, and so on, based on their place in the number. For instance, the place value of 7 in 1672 is tens, i.e. 70.

2. What is the place value chart for the number 50?

The place value chart for 50 number is

5 digit – Tens – 50

0 digit – ones – 0

3. Is place value different from face value?

Yes, The place value outlines the position of a digit in the given number but the face value represents the exact value of a digit. As an example here we are taking a number ie., 790, and identify both values of digit 9, the place value of 9 is Tens whereas the face value of 9 is 9.

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