Preschool Math Activities for Kids – Lesson Plans, Fun Games, Worksheets, Practice Tests

If you are looking for Preschool Math Activities all in one place then you have come to the right place. We have compiled hands-on math activities that can enhance your math skills. All the Preschool Worksheets are designed in a way that kids can recognize numbers and counting. Find Playful and Engaging Ways to teach math right at your home. We believe the Hands-on Pre-School Math Activities provided will help the kids to inculcate thinking in them at an early age.

Preschool Math Activities, Worksheets, Textbook Questions and Answer Key

Access the Preschool Math Problems on various concepts such as Counting the Numbers from 1 to 20, Identification of Numbers, etc. Simply tap on the quick links available and learn the concepts underlying easily. Our goal is to offer young minds complete lesson plans, develop their ability and skills through various fun learning activities. All the Preschool Activities, Worksheets are designed keeping in mind the student’s pace of understanding.

Practice Traceable Numbers Worksheets for Preschool Kids

Practice tracing the numbers from 1 to 5

  • Worksheet on Number 1
  • Worksheet on Number 2
  • Worksheet on Number 3
  • Worksheet on Number 4
  • Worksheet on Number 5
  • Worksheets on Tracing Numbers from 1 to 5

Practice tracing the numbers from 6 to 10

  • Worksheet on Number 6
  • Worksheet on Number 7
  • Worksheet on Number 8
  • Worksheet on Number 9
  • Worksheet on Number 10
  • Worksheets on Tracing Numbers from 6 to 10

Practice tracing the numbers from 11 to 15

  • Worksheet on Number 11
  • Worksheet on Number 12
  • Worksheet on Number 13
  • Worksheet on Number 14
  • Worksheet on Number 15

Practice tracing the numbers from 16 to 20

  • Worksheet on Number 16
  • Worksheet on Number 17
  • Worksheet on Number 18
  • Worksheet on Number 19
  • Worksheet on Number 20

Traceable Math Worksheets on Number Names for Kids

  • Worksheet on Number One
  • Worksheet on Number Two
  • Worksheet on Number Three
  • Worksheet on Number Four
  • Worksheet on Number Five
  • Worksheet on Number Six
  • Worksheet on Number Seven
  • Worksheet on Number Eight
  • Worksheet on Number Nine
  • Worksheet on Number Ten

Learn to Write Numbers

  • Learn to Write Number 1
  • Learn to Write Number 2
  • Learn to Write Number 3
  • Learn to Write Number 4
  • Learn to Write Number 5
  • Learn to Write Number 6
  • Learn to Write Number 7
  • Learn to Write Number 8
  • Learn to Write Number 9
  • Learn to Write Number 10

Identification of Numbers Worksheets

  • Worksheet on Identify Number 1
  • Worksheet on Identify Number 2
  • Worksheet on Identify Number 3
  • Worksheet on Identify Number 4
  • Worksheet on Identify Number 5
  • Worksheet on Identify Number 6
  • Worksheet on Identify Number 7
  • Worksheet on Identify Number 8
  • Worksheet on Identify Number 9
  • Worksheet on Identify Number 10

Coloring Sheets

  • Color by Number Worksheets
  • Counting Coloring Activity
  • Worksheets on Counting Numbers
  • Color by Number
  • Worksheet on Counting Numbers
  • Worksheet on Numbers

Why One Should Learn from Preschool Math Curriculum?

Go through the advantages of accessing the Preschool Math Topics available here. They are in the following fashion

  • Preschoolers will be able to identify the colors and shapes.
  • All the Math Activities designed such as rhymes, coloring pages, puzzles help you improve your skills.
  • Printable Worksheets for Preschoolers help them keep occupied for hours.
  • Your child will enjoy these Math Learning Exercises in a Casual and No-Pressure Manner.
  • Preschool Math Activity provided will help for the child’s overall development as well as prepares them for future endeavors.


Hope the information shared regarding Preschool Math has helped you be on the right track. In case of any information needed on the same, you can always leave us your suggestions through the comment section. Stay in touch with our site to avail latest updates on Gradewise Math Pages in a matter of seconds.

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