Train Passes a Moving Object in the Opposite Direction | How to find Speed, Time and Distance?

Are you looking for help on the concept Train Passes a Moving Object in the Opposite Direction? Then you have reached the right place. Learn the Formulas for Speed Time and Distance in the case of a train crossing a moving body in the opposite direction. Get Solved Examples for finding the Train Crossing a Moving Object in Opposite Direction long with detailed solutions. Practice the Problems available and get a good hold of the concept.

How to calculate Time Speed and Distance for Train Crossing a Moving Object in Opposite Direction?

Let us assume the length of the train = l m

Speed of the train =  x km/hr

Speed of the object = y km/hr

Relative Speed = (x+y) km/hr

Time taken by train to cross the moving object = Distance/Speed

= l m/(x+y) km/hr

Simply rearrange the formula to obtain the other measures if few are known.

Solved Problems on Train Passes a Moving Object in the Opposite Direction

1. A train 200 m long is running at a speed of 50 km/hr. In what time will it pass a man who is running at the speed of 4 km/hr in the opposite direction in which the train is moving?


Length of the Train = 200 m

Speed of the Train = 50 km/hr

Speed of Man = 4 km/hr

Relative Speed = (50+4) Km/hr

= 54 km/hr

Time taken by train to cross a man = Distance/Relative Speed

= 200 m/54 Km/hr

= 200 m/ (54*5/18) m/sec

= 200 m/15 m/sec

= 13.33 sec

Therefore, the train takes 13.33 sec to cross the man.

2. Two trains 125 meters and 170 meters long are running in the opposite direction with speeds of 60 km/hr and 45 km/hr. In how much time they will cross each other?


Total Distance Covered = 125+170

= 295 m

Speed of first train = 60 kmph

Speed of second train = 45 kmph

Relative Speed = 60+45

= 105 kmph

Relative Speed in m/sec = 105*5/18

= 29.1 m/sec

Time taken by trains to cross each other = Distance/Speed

=295m/29.1 m/sec

= 10.1 sec

Therefore, it takes 10.1 sec for both the trains to cross each other.

3. Two trains running in opposite directions cross a man standing on the platform in 30 seconds and 21 seconds respectively and they cross each other in 25 seconds. The ratio of their speeds is?


Let us consider the speed of two trains be x m/sec and y m/sec

Length of the first train = 30x m(since distance = Speed*Time)

Length of the second train = 21y m

From the given data

Time taken by both trains to cross each other = 25 sec

(30x+21y)/(x+y) = 25

30x+21y = 25x+25y

30x-25x = 25y-21y


x/y = 4/5

Therefore, the Ratio of Speeds is 4:5

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