Comparing Decimals | Less than and Greater than Decimals | How to Compare Decimal Numbers?

Trying to Solve Problems on Comparing Decimals and facing any difficulties? You have come to the right place where you can get a complete idea of Decimal Comparison. Learn the Step by Step Procedure to Compare Decimal Numbers and check whether they are greater or smaller. Refer to Solved Examples on Comparing Decimals explained along with detailed steps in the later sections.

How to Compare Decimal Numbers?

When comparing decimal numbers use the following steps. They are along the lines

  • We know a decimal number has whole number part and decimal part. The Decimal Number with Greater whole number part is greater.
  • If the Decimals you are comparing have the same number of digits in them check the value of the number without a decimal point. The Larger the Decimal Number the Closer it is to One and thus it is greater.

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Comparing Decimals Examples

1. Compare 6.4 and 2.98?


Firstly, check the whole number part in both the decimals

Since 6 >2

The Decimal Number 6.4 is greater than 2.98

2. Compare 5.45 and 5.62?


Given Decimal Numbers are 5.45 and 5.62

In these two decimal numbers, the whole number part is the same

So we need to check the value after the decimal point


Therefore, decimal number 5.62 is greater than 5.45

3. Which is Smaller 18.02 or 18.234?


Given Decimals are 18.02 and 18.234

Check the whole number parts, since both the whole number parts are the same check for the values next to the decimal point


As .234 is closer to one it is greater than .02

Thus, in the given decimals 18.02 is smaller than 18.234

4. Find the greater number 163.19 and 136.21?


Given Decimals are 163.19 and 136.21

Check the whole number parts initially


Since the Whole Number 163 is greater the Decimal Number 163.19 is greater.

5. Find the greater number; 2332.47 or 2332.99?


Given Decimals are 2332.47 and 2332.99

Firstly, check the whole number parts


As the whole number parts are the same check the values of digits after the decimal point. The number closer to one is greater


.99 is closer to one thus it is larger

Therefore, 2332.99 is greater.

6. Find the greater number 321.13 or 321.13?


Given Decimal Numbers are 321.13, 32.13

Check the Whole Number Parts

321= 321

Now, check the decimal parts of the given numbers

.13 = .13

Therefore, both the decimal numbers are equal.

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