Different Types of Polygons – Definition, Properties, Shapes, Examples

A polygon is a two-dimensional figure that consists of a finite number of sides. The sides of a polygon are connected by line segments. The end connected by the line segments is called the vertex. There are Different Types of Polygons available in geometry. Poly means many and gon means an angle. The area and perimeter of the polygon completely depend on their shape. Any polygon can be classified depends on its sides and vertices. If a polygon has four sides and four vertices, then that polygon is named a quadrilateral.

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Types of Polygons and their Properties

Based on the sides and vertices, the polygons are classified into different types. Check out the below polygons and their properties along with the examples and images.

  • Regular Polygons
  • Irregular Polygons
  • Concave Polygons
  • Convex Polygons
  • Trigons
  • Quadrilateral Polygons
  • Pentagon Polygons
  • Hexagon Polygons
  • Equilateral Polygons
  • Equiangular Polygons

Regular Polygon

A Polygon is said to be a Regular Polygon when all of its sides are equal. Also, a regular polygon has all the interior angles are the same. For example, a regular hexagon consists of equal six sides, and also its interior angles give a total of 120 degrees.
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  • A square consists of all its sides equal to 4cm, and also all the angles are at 90°.
  • A regular pentagon that has 5 equal sides. All the interior angles measure 108 degrees.
  • An equilateral triangle has all three sides equal to 8cm and angles measure to 60°.

Irregular Polygon

A Polygon is said to be an irregular polygon when all of its sides are not equal. They have irregular shapes. Also, the angles of irregular polygons are not equal.


  • A triangle with unequal sides.
  • A quadrilateral with unequal sides.

Convex Polygon

A Polygon is said to be a convex polygon when the measure of the interior angle is less than 180 degrees. The corners of a convex polygon are always outwards. Convex Polygon is completely opposite to the concave polygon.


An irregular hexagon that vertices are completely outwards.

Concave Polygon

A Polygon is said to be a concave polygon when there are at least one angle measures more than 180 degrees. The corners of a concave polygon present inwards and also outwards.


A Polygon is said to be a trigon that has three sides. Trigons are also known as triangles. The triangles are classifieds into different categories. They are
Scalene Triangle: It has all sides that are unequal.
Isosceles Triangle: It has two sides that are equal.
Equilateral Triangle: All sides are equal in length and also all angles are 60 degrees.

Quadrilateral Polygon

A Polygon is said to be a Quadrilateral Polygon when it has four sides. Examples of Quadrilateral Polygon are square, rectangle, rhombus, and parallelogram.

Pentagon Polygon

A Polygon is said to be a Pentagon Polygon when it has five sides. If all the sides of a pentagon polygon are equal, then it is called a regular pentagon. If not it is called an irregular pentagon.


A polygon is called a hexagon when that has six sides and six vertices. If all the six sides of a hexagon are equal, then it is called a regular hexagon. Also, in a regular hexagon, all the interior and exterior angles are equal.

Equilateral Polygons

The polygons are called equilateral polygons when it has all sides are equal. An equilateral triangle, a square, etc., are examples of Equilateral Polygons.

Equiangular Polygons

The polygons are called Equiangular Polygons when all of their interior angles are equal. An example is a rectangle.

Types of Polygons with Sides 3-20

Below is the Classification of Polygons according to the number of sides and the angle measure. They are as follows

Name of the Polygons Sides Vertices Angle
Triangle (also called Trigon) 3 3 60°
Quadrilateral (also called Tetragon) 4 4 90°
Pentagon 5 5 108°
Hexagon 6 6 120°
Heptagon 7 7 128.571°
Octagon 8 8 135°
Nonagon (also called Enneagon) 9 9 140°
Decagon 10 10 144°
Hendecagon 11 11 147.27
Dodecagon 12 12 150
Tridecagon or triskaidecagon 13 13 152.3
Tetradecagon or tetrakaidecago 14 14 154.28
Pendedecagon 15 15 156
Hexdecagon 16 16 157.5
Heptdecagon 17 17 158.82
Octdecagon 18 18 160
Enneadecagon 19 19 161.05
Icosagon 20 20 162
n-gon n n (n-2)× 180° / n

FAQs on Different Types of Polygons?

1. What is a Polygon?

A polygon is a two-dimensional figure that consists of a finite number of sides.

2. How many different types of Polygons are there?

There are two different types of Polygons namely Regular and Irregular. However, depending on the sides and vertices they are furthermore classified as Concave Polygons, Convex Polygons, Trigons, Quadrilateral Polygons, Pentagon Polygons, Hexagon Polygons, Equilateral Polygons, Equiangular Polygons, etc.

3. What is a 9 sided shape called?

9 Sided Shape is Called an Enneagon or Nonagon.

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